Translink Belfast Hub

Status: Ongoing

Division: Drainage & Infrastructure

Location: Belfast

Main Contractor: Farrans & Belton Construction

Translink Belfast Hub

Perfect Base

Tracey Concrete has successfully delivered customised precast cable troughs to the prestigious Translink Belfast Hub Project. The exceptional work carried out by Belton Construction, stands as a testament to their commitment to excellence in the construction industry. 

This pivotal project demanded the highest standards of quality and precision, and Tracey Concrete’s bespoke cable troughs proved to be the perfect solution. These troughs have become the essential foundation for the state-of-the-art Translink Belfast Hub, facilitating the seamless installation of crucial precast concrete pipes.

The Translink Belfast Hub Project represents a significant development in Belfast’s transportation infrastructure, promising to elevate connectivity and streamline public transportation for the city’s residents and visitors. This transformative endeavour required the collaboration of several esteemed construction entities, including Farrans Construction and Sacyr, who played vital roles in ensuring the project’s success. 🏗👷‍♂️👍


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