Seating Slabs

Seating Slabs or roof slabs or adjusting units are designed to be fitted on top of the cover slabs and gullies. By fitting our seating slabs the steel cover can quickly be brought up to the cover level required without the need for time to be spent on brickwork. Seating Slabs are manufactured to requirements of BS EN 1917, BS 5911-3 are shown in both Manual of Contract Documents for Highways Works – Volume 3 – Highway Construction Details – F-Series and in Sewers for Adoption 7th Edition – they are therefore deemed to be accepted for use in highway construction and should not prevent a road from being “adopted” under a Section 38 agreement by a highways authority.

Seating slabs can be rapidly and simply installed by lesser skilled labourer and there are fewer joints which reduce the likelihood of infiltration.

Seating Rings/Adjusting Units and Section 38 Agreements
Section 38 (Highways Act 1980) is the term for the legal agreement that allows a highway authority to “adopt” a road (meaning it will be maintained by the highways authority at the public’s expense) which has been constructed by a private developer for 5 or more dwellings.

The developer has to be able to prove that the road has been constructed in accordance with standards set out by the highways authority to enable the highways authority to be able to “adopt” it under a Section 38 legal agreement.

Note: Appearance of a hairline crack in a seating ring or gully cover does not signify failure or a cause for rejection.