Aqua Slot™ Drain

Precast concrete Aqua-Slot™ Drain is the ideal linear drainage solution for schemes such as highways upgrades, dockyards, distribution centres and aviation.

Available in bore sizes 300 to 600mm equivalent internal diameter and with kerb options. All sizes are manufactured in either Highways Class to E600 or Airport Class to F900 and have been independently load tested to meet criteria set in the BS EN 1433 technical specification.

This high capacity linear drainage system comprising of channel, cast-in rodding access points and catchpit sumps designed to remove surface water quickly and effectively.

Installation is rapid in most weather conditions unaffected by hot or cold temperatures. Output levels of over 200m per day are regularly achieved by a small team utilising minimal plant and manpower. The flexibility to work in multiple locations simultaneously and quickly move from one string to another, minimising disruption, is also of benefit.


Totally integrated modular
system with channel

The external shape provides a
structurally efficient product

Smooth internal bore for optimum hydraulics aids flow 

Trapezoidal shaped slots allow quick entry of water

Each standard section is 2500mm in effective length and contains 7 slots with a size of 40mm x 130mm to comply with standards for highways.
1000mm lengths are also available.
*Further sizes may be available on request dependent on scheme requirements.


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