Every year livestock are killed or injured due to the failure of old or deficient slats.  Under current regulations slats have a design life of 20 years, but their lifespan can vary greatly depending on use, load and manufacturer. 


Deep or wide cracks allow the sulphates from the slurry to attack the slat and corrode the steel inside causing failure.  Farmers must check their slats every year to ensure their own safety and that of their cattle.


Tracey concrete offers a refit service of replacing failing single slats on existing tanks with 6 rib gang slats. If you have any tanks that require this service please contact our sales team to call and price the project. 


Over time slats can fail, single slats are more common to break than gangs

How to check your slats 

  • The ideal time to check your slats is when the cattle have been turned out. 
  • Slats should be washed down so cracked & damaged slats can be identified. 
  • Carry out a simple straight edge test to check for deflection. 
  • Another tell-tale sign is concrete in slurry or in fields after slurry has been spread. 
  • Slats may seem to be in good repair on the top but there might be deep or wide cracks on the underside. 
  • Check slurry agitation manholes for damage, wear & tear too. 
  • If slurry has been allowed to build up to the underside of slats their lifespan will be significantly reduced as both the concrete and reinforcing steel will have corroded. 
  • When in doubt replace slats.

Take proper care

  • Never drive over slats with tractors or machinery unless they have been specifically designed to carry those loads.
  • Clean down slats every year and make sure that they have a good drop-off with smooth sides to minimise blockages.

Replacing slats

  • The best time to replace existing slats is when cattle have been turned out.
  • For safety reasons tanks must be empty before slats can be replaced.
  • We have specialist equipment which helps us to get into tight spots!



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