Watertight™ Cover Slabs

Introducing Tracey Concrete’s Watertight Cover Slabs – the ultimate solution for waterproof manhole covers. Our innovative product is designed for quick and easy installation, making it the perfect choice for fast-paced construction projects. The watertight joint is manufactured directly into the slab, eliminating the need for additional sealing products and reducing installation time.

Not only is the installation process efficient, but our watertight slabs also offer significant cost savings compared to traditional concrete jackets. The unique 3-point lifting system ensures a perfectly balanced lift every time, and the three certified lifting loops cast into each slab ensure safe and fast handling. With the simple placement on our watertight manhole ring and a gentle push downwards with the right equipment, the watertight chamber is ready for backfill without the need for additional concrete.

Investing in Tracey Concrete’s Watertight Cover Slabs means ensuring a durable and reliable solution for your manhole covers. The combination of efficiency, cost savings, and ease of installation make our product the best choice for any construction project. With a focus on quality and customer satisfaction, we are confident that our watertight slabs will exceed your expectations and deliver the best results. Get in touch with us today to find out more about our innovative product and start your next project with confidence.


Quick & Easy to Install

 Watertight joint manufactured in slab

Cost Saving

Multiple openings available


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