Cover Slabs

Precast concrete cover slabs

At Tracey Concrete, we understand the importance of having strong and reliable manhole covers. That’s why we manufacture and supply the UK and Ireland with reinforced concrete manhole cover slabs that are designed to meet the highest standards. Our cover slabs are available in sizes from DN 900 to DN 4000, with a wide range of openings to suit your manhole ring. The heavy-duty specification of our slabs makes them the perfect choice for any construction project.

Sealing Manholes

Preventing the infiltration of surface water into manholes is crucial, especially considering the high cost of treating sewage. That’s why Tracey Concrete is committed to providing watertight solutions for manholes. Our cover slabs are designed to be sealed with an approved mastic strip, and the lifting holes are properly sealed with 3:1 sand and cement or an approved sealant. This ensures that our manhole covers are not only strong and durable, preventing water infiltration.


Multiple openings as standard

Large stocks available

Easily installed

Bespoke slabs available


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