Perfect Base™

The Future of Manhole Construction

The Tracey Concrete Perfect Base™ is a custom-made watertight monolithic benched precast concrete manhole base.

The Perfect Base™ can be manufactured at any practical channel inlet/outlet configuration. Inlets are possible at every angle from 90 degrees to 270 degrees from outlet.

The extra flexibility of the Perfect Base™ therefore allows for bespoke base design.

All Perfect bases™ (Precast Concrete Manholes) are individual, custom-made to exact site requirements. Traditional methods of benching manholes in situ can be costly and time consuming. Modern offsite solutions like the Perfect Base™ are leading manhole design and site safety in to the future.  

Tracey Concrete’s industry leading production facilities allow for swift manufacture & delivery to site just days after order.

Precast Concrete Manholes - Perfect Base - Tracey Concrete


Watertight System

The combination of a thicker wall & rubber
joint ensures a watertight structure

Take-off Service

Bases manufactured to
CAD site drawings

Custom Connections

Manufactured with integrated
couplers to suit any pipe type

Every Angle

Each Perfect Base™ can be manufactured
with limitless channel configurations

Standard Sizes





All Pipe Types – Cast In

Using our Perfect Base system of casting collars to suit the pipe type specified on the project results in a much more efficient install. No 3rd party adaptors are required and ground-workers can be assured of a sealed joint. We can install any collar to suit such as concrete, twin-wall, PVC, sewer, clay & cast iron.

  • Any Pipe type cast in
  • The exact seal from the manufacturer
  • No wasted time with make shift adaptors
  • Exact pipe as used on-site
  • Pipeline fall built into base at inlet & outlet
  • Multiple pipe types per base

Tracey Concrete can supply both:

SN8 – Pipe for foul & SN4 – Pipe for storm

See below some of the sample images during installation on-site exhibiting the wide range of pipes spec we have supplied with our Perfect Base System.

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