Irish Water – Terryland (WTP) Galway

Status: Complete

Division: Tunnelling

Location: Galway

Main Contractor: Coffey

Irish Water – Terryland (WTP) Galway

Perfect Base

Tracey Concrete Ltd precast tunnelling pipes installed on the Uisce Éireann Irish Water Galway West Water Supply Scheme as part of the Terryland Water Treatment Plant (WTP) Intake Works. Brilliant work Coffey constructing a new raw water intake and related infrastructure at Terryland to provide for an adequate supply of Drinking Water to Galway City and environs and allow for possible future extension of supply to parts of South Connemara.
As part of the Works, we are incorporating a 1,200mm transfer main pipeline. This pipeline, designed in partnership with AM Civil Engineering, will connect the new Terryland Intake to the existing Intake supply and part of this work involved traversing under the N6 Motorway adjacent to the Quincentenary Bridge.  See more:

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