Bespoke 3m precast protection slabs – HS2

Status: Complete

Division: Infrastructure 

Location: London

Main Contractor: HS2

Bespoke 3m precast protection slabs – HS2

Perfect Base

We have supplied bespoke 3-meter precast protection slabs as an integral part of a significant HS2 (High-Speed 2) project. These specialized slabs were meticulously designed and manufactured to serve as a crucial safeguarding component for a gas pipeline within the project’s infrastructure.

The context of this provision is within the broader scope of the HS2 project, a high-speed rail network that represents a monumental advancement in transportation infrastructure within the United Kingdom. The gas pipeline in question is a vital component of this network, responsible for delivering essential resources to support various facets of the HS2 operation.

The provision of these bespoke slabs underscores our commitment to delivering not only innovative but also highly specialized solutions for critical infrastructure projects. We understand the paramount importance of safeguarding essential utilities like the gas pipeline, ensuring their uninterrupted functionality and security, while simultaneously contributing to the overall success of the HS2 project.


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