1800 Perfect Bases – Wrexham

Status: Complete

Division: Drainage

Location: Wales

Main Contractor: John Kelly Construction 

1800 Perfect Bases – Wrexham

Perfect Base

John Kelly Construction recently completed a project in Wrexham, showcasing the installation of DN1800 Perfect Bases, which brought several advantages to the construction process. These Perfect Bases are precast concrete foundations that offer remarkable benefits in terms of speed and safety in construction projects.

1. Speed of Installation:

The utilization of DN1800 Perfect Bases significantly accelerates the construction timeline. Here’s how:

  • Efficient Prefabrication: These bases are precast off-site, which means they arrive at the construction site fully formed and ready to install. This eliminates the time-consuming on-site casting of traditional foundations.

  • Quick Assembly: The installation process for Perfect Bases is swift and straightforward. Construction crews can set them in place efficiently, reducing labour time and costs.

  • Immediate Load-Bearing Capacity: Once installed, Perfect Bases are immediately capable of bearing heavy loads. This allows for rapid progression to the next phases of construction without the need for curing time.


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