Trench safety awareness training

Tracey Concrete Ltd Perfect Base™ & watertight manholes used in recent trench safety awareness training by Wills Bros Civil Engineering Ltd. 🏗👷‍♂️🦺
The training involved detailed training on how to bench and shore up a trench properly and how to provide safe access and egress, and never to take chances in entering an unsafe excavation.
Training Highlights:
  • Perfect Base™ and Watertight Manholes: Our innovative Perfect Base™ systems and watertight manholes played a pivotal role in the training. These cutting-edge solutions are designed to meet and exceed industry standards for safety and efficiency.
  • Detailed Trench Safety Training: The training program delved into the intricacies of trench safety. Participants learned the proper techniques for benching and shoring up a trench, ensuring a secure work environment.
  • Safe Access and Egress: Safe access and egress are crucial in trench work. Our training emphasized the importance of these procedures to prevent accidents and protect workers’ well-being.
  • Zero Tolerance for Risk: Participants were reminded never to take chances when entering an unsafe excavation. The training reinforced a zero-tolerance policy for risk-taking, prioritizing safety above all else.