Precast Concrete Pipes

Reinforced Precast Concrete

Tracey Concrete’s Spigot & Socket / Precast Concrete Pipes are manufactured to the highest quality and supply customers throughout the UK and Ireland.

All of our Spigot & Socket Concrete Pipes designed & meet the requirements of BSEN1916 & BS5911-1

Tracey Concrete’s Spigot & Socket Concrete Pipes are ideal for surface storm water and foul water systems. Our pipes have been used for countless miles of roadways and drainage projects throughout Ireland and the UK over the past 20 Years. We also manufacture an efficient surface water attenuation system or SuDS systems.

Spherical lifting anchors are fitted, as standard, on pipes with diameters larger than and including 1200DN.
Lifting anchors can be fitted on request in smaller diameter pipes.
7.5 tonne anchors are fitted in the 1200 DN pipes and 10 tonne anchors are fitted in the 1350 -2100 DN pipes. 10 tonne lifting shackles will fit all lifting anchors used.

Precast Concrete Pipes - Tracey Concrete


Cost Savings

Precast Concrete Pipes can often be laid without using a full granular bedding & surround

Steel Reinforcement

Pipes from DN600mm are steel reinforced with steel to maximise load strength


World leading watertight rubber sealing systems used on all our products


Concrete drainage systems are the most sustainable drainage option available.

Rocker, Butt End Pipes & Double Spigots stocked

Multiple junction seal

Options available

Backdrop pipes

Made to order

Dry weather flow pipes

Made to order

Customer Advice: The use of Tracey Concrete lubricant is strongly recommended with the Tracey Concrete integral jointed pipe system DN300 – DN1050. Non-compliance may result in installation problems for which Tracey Concrete can accept responsibility.

Upon installation of DN1200-2100mm Spigot & Socket pipes that are manufactured with spherical lifting points, it is necessary to grout them before backfilling

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