Wetcast Jacking Pipes

Tracey Concrete manufactures a comprehensive range of high quality Jacking Pipes to suit the requirements of the latest generation of pipe jacking systems in the UK, Ireland, Europe and North America.

Tracey Concrete manufacture 2 types of jacking pipes dry cast concrete jacking pipes (standard) and wetcast concrete jacking pipes (bespoke design)

Manufacturing wetcast jacking pipes is a more specialised process than drycast, however wetcast jacking pipes
are now in demand as the tunnelling industry realises their advantages over traditional dry cast pipes.

An advantage of wetcast manufacturing is the smooth exterior of the jacking pipe product. A smoother pipe
surface reduces the skin friction on the pipeline, thereby lowering the required jacking force being applied to
the pipe to complete the drive.

Wetcast jacking pipes can be made bigger & longer, 4m in diameter and up to 5m in length. On long pipelines
added length can save the tunnelling contractor time loading less pipes and more time for jacking. Traditional
drycast pipes are normally limited to a max length of 2.5m & diameters of 2.4m.


It minimises the need to excavate long trenches especially in urban environments.

Wetcast has a smoother exterior than drycast

Faster operation than open cut construction with less disruption to the surroundings

Carbon emissions from both installation and site traffic are considerably lower than open cut construction



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