Watermain Chambers

Watermain Chambers 

Sluice Valve Chamber


Sluice valve chamber are crucial components of water infrastructure, particularly the water distribution networks, waster water treatment plants, reservoirs and pumping stations. 

Weight: 426kg

Sluice Valve Chamber Riser


Sluice Valve Chamber Riser is a versatile and essential component designed to enhance the functionality and accessibility of sluice valve chambers in water distribution systems. It provides a secure and convenient solution for raising the height of existing chambers or constructing new ones.


Sluice Valve Chamber Slab


Sluice Valve Chamber Slab is a reliable and sturdy component designed to provide a solid foundation for sluice valve chambers in water distribution systems. It offers exceptional strength and durability, ensuring the long-term stability and functionality of your infrastructure.

Air Valve Chamber


Air valve chambers consist of a precast concrete sealed sump manhole with factory-fitted saddles to house the pump and are used in the management of water, oils and chemicals.



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