Elliptical Concrete Pipes

Elliptical pipes are used for foul and surface water drainage applications, stream diversions, culverting and attenuation storage tanks.

The pipe’s elliptical internal profile is hydraulically efficient and the external polygonal profile is structurally efficient. Complete with an elastomeric captive gasket joint they provide a watertight, unique, highly cost effective,
reinforced concrete solution.

This system offers significant advantages over alternatives by providing superior hydraulic performance. In addition, most sizes of standard elliptical pipes are held as stock items, helping to minimise delivery and installation times.


Attenuation Systems
Minimal cover requirements

Range of elliptical fittings
Can be manufactured to order including junctions, precast manhole access shafts, end walls and chambers

Laid either vertical / horizontal
The elliptical profile permits self cleansing velocities at low flow rates 


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