Cascade Embankment Channel

Introducing our innovative precast concrete cascade embankment channels, made to safeguard embankments and combat erosion. Designed to channel water down embankments in a controlled manner, these channels are a cornerstone solution for embankment remediation projects.

Engineered for reliability, our channels seamlessly transition into spillway overflows, offering versatile functionality for a range of applications. Designed to withstand heavy rainfall, they provide essential protection against fast-running water, ensuring optimal management of runoff.

Available in two sizes, complete with detailed drawings accessible on our website, these units boast a tapered shape meticulously engineered to deliver superior performance. 

Easy installation on properly graded ground further enhances the appeal of our precast concrete channels, streamlining implementation for your convenience. 


Erosion Control
Channels effectively manage water flow, preventing erosion on embankments

Cost-Effective Solution
They provide erosion control without extensive construction or maintenance costs

Aesthetic Considerations
Designed to blend harmoniously with the landscape


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